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Zilele Feroviare 2012 - Summitul Feroviar din Spatiul Extins al Marii Negre

The Wider Black Sea Area (WBSA), a median area of the Eurasian platform, expands from Central Asia to Central Europe and from Northern to Southern Europe and Asia Minor. The macro-area includes 28 dynamic railway markets, a mixture of mature, developing and ascending markets, that bring about a spectrum of opportunities across the railway sector. Processes like privatisation, vertical integration and liberalisation are shaping the railway business ecosystem of the 28 WBSA markets.

The agenda of WBSA governments focuses on investment strategies for railway infrastructure integration and cohesion, driven by the aim of economic competitiveness and strategic geopolitics. Facilitating Europe - Asia trade and inter-regionally trade requires also a faster, more secure and cost efficient railway transport. The "Corridor" concept, tracking international trade flows, industrial clusters, urban and suburban agglomerations, is set at the core of current railway policies and agreements. The WBSA railway grid formed by TRACECA, North-South, Transsiberian (TSR), Ten-T, TAR and OSJD corridors is constantly developed and improved.

Download the Wider Black Sea Area Map and the major railway facts & figures,explore the business potential of these 28 railway markets>>

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Zilele Feroviare 2012 - Summitul Feroviar din Spatiul Extins al Marii Negre

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